Social Justice, It's What's Not for Dinner
Tuesday, November 9, 2010
10:30am - All Ages
Denver , CO
Other Info
Social Justice, It’s What’s Not for Dinner: Understanding and Overcoming Food System Disparities to Promote Health (A collaboration by the Food & Environment Working Group, ENV, OHS, IH, CBPHC, PHEHP, EPI, and SW)

This presentation is part of the 138th American Public Health Association's Annual Meeting in Denver, CO. This is a four day conference bringing together many different roles from the public health field to share knowledge and learn about emerging issues and research.

Anupama will be speaking on the topic of "Food sovereignty is food justice: International implications of the U.S. food system and opportunities for global justice" as part of a Special Session with other professions concerned with the connection between our food system and public health.

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