Food Justice: A New Social Movement Takes Root
Thursday, November 4, 2010
5:30pm - All Ages
Foodbank Education and Administration Center (map)
1525 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Other Info
Food Justice: A New Social Movement Takes Root.

Book signing and talk happening on Thursday, November 4th, Foodbank Education & Administration Center, downtown Santa Barbara

The local food movement is honored to host Robert Gottlieb, a professor at Occidental College. Mr. Gottlieb is leading a talk about his new book on the patio of the Foodbank’s Education & Administration.

The event is sponsored by the Santa Barbara County Food Policy Council, Foodbank of Santa Barbara County and the Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders (SAFSF).

In today's food system, farm workers face difficult and hazardous conditions, low-income neighborhoods lack supermarkets but abound in fast-food restaurants and liquor stores, food products emphasize convenience rather than wholesomeness, and the international reach of American fast-food franchises has been a major contributor to an epidemic of "globesity." To combat these inequities and excesses, a movement for food justice has emerged in recent years seeking to transform the food system from seed to table. In Food Justice, Robert Gottlieb and Anupama Joshi tell the story of this emerging movement.

A food justice framework ensures that the benefits and risks of how food is grown and processed, transported, distributed, and consumed are shared equitably. Gottlieb and Joshi recount the history of food injustices and describe current efforts to change the system, including community gardens and farmer training in Holyoke, Massachusetts, youth empowerment through the Rethinkers in New Orleans, farm-to-school programs across the country, and the Los Angeles school system's elimination of sugary soft drinks from its cafeterias. And they tell how food activism has succeeded at the highest level: advocates waged a grassroots campaign that convinced the Obama White House to plant a vegetable garden. The first comprehensive inquiry into this emerging movement, Food Justice addresses the increasing disconnect between food and culture that has resulted from our highly industrialized food system.

About the Food Policy Council of Santa Barbara County—The mission of the newly formed Food Policy Council of Santa Barbara County is simple: To partner with local leaders and community members in advancing an equitable and regional food system. We accomplish this by focusing on education and policy development.

About the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County—The Foodbank believes it can end hunger in our county through good nutrition and a more localized & fair food production system. Simply, food is our common need and our common good. Together we are ending hunger and transforming the health of our communities through good nutrition. We are the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County.

About the Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders—A broad national network of grantmakers that works to foster communication, shared learning and information exchange about issues connected to sustainable agriculture and food systems. SAFSF seeks to carry out its mission by providing opportunities for collaboration, increasing awareness of the issues as well as funding needs, and expanding beyond the current membership to increase support and funding for organizations that (i) promote sustainable food production; (ii) link to concerns about sustainability of our food system; and/or (iii) connect food production with issues of environmental stewardship, diet and health, and viability of rural communities.

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